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Karly Starr's Profile

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Karly Starr

Customers rated Karly Starr 5 out of 5 based on 330 reviews

Live life to the fullest !
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Damn Shamrocks

Mar 12th @ 6:28pm EDT

Yay !
We all are so HAPPY about St Patrick's Celebration here ;) It's that time of year again, when we all get drunk and naked , and collect damn shamrocks
I Invite you to my room to Celebrate it together ;) You never know what will be waiting for you in my room
If you are pretty know how to make me a winner for the MOST UNIQUE SHAMROCKS from different users ;) Waiting for your proposal ;)

See you Around !


P.S. If you win some minutes you get a deal code that you paste into a box when the show starts. Minutes are valid 1 year ;)

Viewers Choice Award 2019

Dec 31st @ 8:21am EST

Dear Voters !
Wanted to thank you for all votes you sent me when I was online, offline or sick , you remembered about me !
Congratulations to all who won in my lottery !
A very special thank you for the SUPER VOTES !

Hugs Karly

Monday 30th of Dec Winners

Dec 31st @ 8:15am EST

Congratulations ;)

1. h...n
2. f...2
3. a...8
4. c...1
5. r...z
6. C...r

Monday 16th of Dec Winners

Dec 31st @ 7:56am EST

Congratulations to my boys !

1. g...2
2. i...o
3. d...t
4. m...d
5. a...2
6. B...k

MONDAY 9th of Dec Winners

Dec 31st @ 7:19am EST

Congratulations to :

1. s...g
2. j...2
3. m...n
4. b...1
5. s...n
6. y...m

Thank you for every single vote !

MONDAY 2nd of Dec Winners

Dec 4th @ 5:45pm EST

So thankful for all the votes and super votes !
Congratulations to my Monday Winners:

1. w...l
2. b...8
3. h...3
4. A...y
5. i...h
6. L...l

MONDAY 25th of Nov Winners

Dec 4th @ 5:29pm EST

Thank you so much for all the votes and super votes. My Monday winners are below :

1. i...o
2. m...n
3. i...h
4. j...6
5. M...e
6. c...0

Congratulations !

MONDAY 18th of Nov Winners

Nov 18th @ 5:57pm EST

New week ! New Winners
Congratulations !
Winners received messages and deal codes !

2. c...r
4. a...r
5. b...t
6. M...M

MONDAY 11th of Nov Winners

Nov 18th @ 5:43pm EST

Below are winners for the votes for November 4th-10th

Congratulations !!!!

2. h...3
3. w...l
5. i...o
6. r...z

MONDAY 4th of Nov Winners

Nov 18th @ 5:31pm EST

Thank you for the votes even if I am offline ! :)
Winners :

2. b...z
3. a...3
4. r...e
5. j...r
6. d...h

MONDAY 28th of Oct winners

Nov 18th @ 5:19pm EST

Congratulations to my loyal VOTERS !

4. r...e
5. k...0
6. b...s

Halloween Battleship 2019 with Karly

Oct 26th @ 5:16pm EDT

Guys !
a little change of the rules
All 7 pumpkins = 10 shots not 3 shots like it used to be ! ;)

Monday 21st of Oct Winners

Oct 26th @ 12:08pm EDT

Thank you for all the votes ! Hope we will get higher till the year ends !

1. l....o
2. j....n
3. a.....t
4. g....g
5. m...x
6. r...t

Monday 14th of Oct Winners

Oct 26th @ 11:23am EDT

Thank you to all my loyal VOTERS !

1. w...e
2. b...8
3. b...1
4. k...1
5. m...3
6. m...l

Halloween Battleship 2019 with Karly

Oct 25th @ 6:21am EDT

Celebrate Halloween 2019 with me ! Octobooo26th-Octoboo 31st
Let me clarify some rules in my room on that occasion :)
I invite you to my room to VOTE for my Halloween Costume ! (also regular free votes and Super Votes for the Viewers Choice Award are very welcome ).
During 2019 Halloween festivities customers will have the chance to win $500 in free credits by collecting virtual-candy from performers.The customer who receives candy from the most performers (unique) wins! We can make an exchange ;) Candy for a pumpkin and my smile if you want ;)
This year I prepared HALLOWEEN BATTLESHIP BOARD :) Who doesn't remember that game ? hehe
I have changed some rules on that occasion. Let me clafiry them a little:
On my Halloween BattleShip Board there are:
1 Battleship , which has 4 holes ( each hole wins - sexy flashes but most of my prizes are FREE MINUTES in the show with me, which you can use after your WIN or another day , dealcode is valid 1 year).
3 Cruisers , which has 2 holes (rules the same what above).
2 Submarines , which has 3 holes ( rules the same what above).
4 Destroyers, which has 1 hole (rules the same what above).
To start the game with me you SEND me 1 Pumpkin then , call out a letter and a number that identifies a row and column on my target grid. You ''miss'' or hit''
You have 1 SHOT but if you HIT, you have one more round without sending me a pumpkin , round ends till you MISS. So if you have a good luck you can collect a really nice amount of free minutes in private chat with me ;) or sexy flashes for 1 PUMPKIN !!!
All 7 pumpkins - you have 3 shots ! (rules what above)

If something is not clear for you , email me .

Let's make this Halloween Spooktacular!

See Boo !

Viewer's Choice Competition 2019

Oct 19th @ 4:48am EDT

Things are really serious !

If I am Top 3 girls for the Viewers Choice Award with Your help and you sent me at least a SUPER VOTE between Oct1st-Dec31st I gift you a guaranteed 10 min free private show.
FREE VOTE=guaranted 1 month in my Fan Club.
Prizes will be active on Jan 1st 2020 if I am TOP 3 !!!
Press the button and VOTE and SUPER VOTE to show the World who should be a winner
No change for the RANDOM MONDAYS , 6 winners as always ! Fan Clubs and Free Privs . Details on my blog

Good luck to you

Monday 7th of Oct Winners

Oct 16th @ 12:52pm EDT

First random draw is behind us
Congratulations to all my loyal VOTERS !!!

1. M....9
2. H...H
3. R...1
4. C...0
5. A...3
6. D...h

Viewers Choice Award 2019

Oct 8th @ 1:08pm EDT

Hey Guys ,
As every year I collect VOTES and SUPER VOTES .
I do a random draw for VOTERS every Monday
Your VOTE counts even if I am OFFLINE . Don't hesitate to vote for me every day , the more you vote the bigger chance for you to win access to my Fan CLub for 1 month or a free private show.

6 winners every MONDAY
SUPER VOTES = 10 minutes free private show
Good luck guys !
Winners will get messages about their WIN

Flirt of the Year 2018

Jan 2nd @ 11:26am EST

Would love to thank you all for your tremendous help in the contests for models in 2018. Thank you for every single Vote and Super Vote.
I am really satisfied ;)
Thanks a lot !


Spooctacular time with me between Octoboo 26th-Octobooo 31st

Oct 25th @ 6:26pm EDT

Hello ;)
Wanted to encourage you to visit my room during Halloween Celebration 2018
Every day different prizes for voters. Guaranteed prizes and atmosphere that can make you thrill !
1 pumpkin - shaking the dice or guaranteed prize (it depends on a day )
All 7 pumpkins- guaranteed 10 minutes private show (but very important information - you must send it from different nicknames which belong to you )
Enter at your own risk contest - every 30th, 60th and 90th set of all 7 pumpkins wins a 10 minutes private show

and the most important - VOTE for my HALLOWEEN COSTUME ;)

Let's make this Halloween Spooctacular !!!!!!!!

Rules in my room during Halloween Celebration

Every free private show that you win with me I can connect in a one long private show (after contest ends)
Access to my Fan Club or video or deal code you get immediately only if I have time in my room ( I always send messages to winners that their WIN is active )
Privates shows are always active a one year , so that no worries you will have a lot of time to use it
Access to my video that you won will be active for 24 hours
See Booo

Karly Starr

If you have any doubts feel free to write me ;)

1 of 15

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